Separation Anxiety

Rich Atkins


Description:Hot Topic Sermon on "The wall of separation of church and state"1. The Mysterious Wall2. Prophets and Kings3. If My People ...

What in the World is Going On?

Kent Klundt


Description:What in the World is Going On?Trying to Make Sense in a Senseless World!Intro: Going off the deep end...I. Understanding our Times (1 Chron, 12:32)II. Understanding our Thinking (Gen. 6:5; Prov23:7)III. Understanding our Terror (Rom. 1:18-25)Conclusion: What are we to do?

Called to Save the Lost

Tory Satter


Description:Called to Save the Lost - Luke 5Message given by guest speaker, Tory Satter of 3:18 Ministries - Globe, AZ.

The Perfect Church

Kent Klundt


Description:Sermon SeriesVICTORIOUS - The Message of RevelationEphesus: The Loveless ChurchRevelation 2:17

Meeting the Real Jesus

Kent Klundt


Description:Revelation 1:9-20Sermon Series: Victorious: The Message of RevelationNotes:A true meeting with Jesus will no doubt bring trouble to your life.A true meeting with Jesus will insure you a calling to a praticular taskA true meeting with Jesus will leave you in a great a dreadful awe

Git R Done: Leadership

Dr. Terry Bowland - OCC


Description:Dr. Terry Bowland, Professor at Ozark Christian College shares a messsage on Leadership in conjuction with RCC's Evangelism/Leadership conference.

Victorious: The Message of Revelation

Kent Klundt


Description:An Overview of the Book of Revelation. Sermon 1 in the Revelaiton Series.

How Should a Christian View Sports Today?

Kent Klundt


Description:Tesitomy included from Kara Powelson.