What in the World is Going On?

Kent Klundt


Description:What in the World is Going On?Trying to Make Sense in a Senseless World!Intro: Going off the deep end...I. Understanding our Times (1 Chron, 12:32)II. Understanding our Thinking (Gen. 6:5; Prov23:7)III. Understanding our Terror (Rom. 1:18-25)Conclusion: What are we to do?

Called to Save the Lost

Tory Satter


Description:Called to Save the Lost - Luke 5Message given by guest speaker, Tory Satter of 3:18 Ministries - Globe, AZ.http://satters318.blogspot.com

The Perfect Church

Kent Klundt


Description:Sermon SeriesVICTORIOUS - The Message of RevelationEphesus: The Loveless ChurchRevelation 2:17

Meeting the Real Jesus

Kent Klundt


Description:Revelation 1:9-20Sermon Series: Victorious: The Message of RevelationNotes:A true meeting with Jesus will no doubt bring trouble to your life.A true meeting with Jesus will insure you a calling to a praticular taskA true meeting with Jesus will leave you in a great a dreadful awe

Git R Done: Leadership

Dr. Terry Bowland - OCC


Description:Dr. Terry Bowland, Professor at Ozark Christian College shares a messsage on Leadership in conjuction with RCC's Evangelism/Leadership conference.

Victorious: The Message of Revelation

Kent Klundt


Description:An Overview of the Book of Revelation. Sermon 1 in the Revelaiton Series.

How Should a Christian View Sports Today?

Kent Klundt


Description:Tesitomy included from Kara Powelson.